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It’s a big and wonderful world out there, full of amazing places and amazing people with amazing, creative minds. In something so massive, it’s almost unfathomably difficult to even think of scouring the entire planet in search of new and engaging content for our eyes to behold.

Ball, one of Nintendo’s first games, debuted on April 28, 1980 for the Game & Watch.

Big budget game developers always seem to outshine the underdogs, leaving the up and coming poster boys for the next generation of creative games clinging to the slightest slice of the limelight they can get their hands on. While the big boys of the gaming industry have more than earned their status and should never be completely shunned, there must be an even balance between spotlight for both sides of the coin. Nearly every game company starts off at indie status: small, with minimal financial support and a dream.

Luckily, as times have gone by and innovations in the gaming industry have bolstered accessibility at substantial rates, it is a much easier process to put a passion project into the public eye. With the creation of online community influenced video game marketplaces such as Steam and GoG, the entry requirements to become noticed are remarkably lower than they have ever been.

share_steam_logogog-logo-2014-svgIn light of these substantial changes, the indie community has grown to a massive scale and is quickly becoming a bigger medium than anyone could have ever expected it to be. In addition, the development of multiple crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo has made earning a loyal fanbase that is willing to help fund a new game project as simple as having a good idea and sharing it to the world. Some of the top trending stories in the gaming industry revolve solely around indie games with an already established fan base because of such sites, and the popularity continues to soar skyward.


We ourselves are gamers who laugh, cry, rage, scream, shriek, smile and feel strong emotion in general with them. It is because of our undying love and respect for the medium that we wish to give you the utmost unbiased and honest reviews we humanly can in the ever expanding list of the genre of games that defined every genre of gaming; the genre that blew up in every way possible through decades of button mashing enjoyment that made every video game what it is today: the indie genre.