If one word were used to describe the alluring yet dastardly nature of Limbo, it would have to be none other than the title itself. This indie masterpiece, created by developer Playdead, released on July 28, 2010. In that same year, it was awarded “Best Independent Game” by the annual Spike VGA’s. Winning players over with its moody atmosphere, simplistic greyscale aesthetic and engaging level and puzzle designs, it is simply a wonder to behold.


The game opens to a pitch black screen, slowly fading into reality. A boy, laying unconscious on the ground, wakes up. Unaware of where he is or how he got there, he explores the ever expanding darkness to soon fin himself avoiding malicious bear traps, live electric wires, crumbling rock faces, poisonous water and vile creatures roaming about. You make it your mission to escape wherever you have gotten yourself into, one way or another, solving puzzles and uncovering the true identity of this mysterious place one step at a time.


The protagonist is silent, as is most of the game apart from the impressive sounds of the world around him. The story to this game is a bit confusing if you choose not to further look into the themes played with throughout. Essentially, you are in purgatory, near the very edge of its expanses, and the world around you will stop at nothing to try to prevent you from escaping to the other side, whichever one of the two he happens to be transported to. Without spoiling anything, the end is very unusual and really makes you think more about what the game was trying to portray. While very simple, this game is a masterpiece and should be played by anyone who can get their hands on it.