Back in our days, there used to be an amazing franchise developed by Nintendo named Harvest Moon. It was more or less a farming simulator, but a damn good one. While Harvest Moon is still around, with yet another one coming soon this year, the series slowly lost its footing with the community and most feel that it isn’t what it used to be. Since then we have been clamoring for a return to form, hoping one day our prayers would be answered. Enter Stardew Valley.


Smashing through to the top downloaded game on Steam’s entire store page very shortly after release, this game was a powerhouse of popularity from the very start. With pixel perfect visuals, an expansive map to explore, rich and witty dialogue throughout, and a plethora of crops to harvest, this game could easily replace Harvest Moon altogether. Although some of the additions were slightly underwhelming, like the combat system, the overall package is nothing short of a masterpiece.


A solid user interface and helpful dialogue can help you through this game without too many issues, but this is of course a farming sim at heart, and can be daunting when you eventually realize just how much you might have to keep track of at one time, but that’s one of the appealing factors of this game. You will succeed if you try hard and work for it, and when you do, you’ll be gratefully surprised at how well the game rewards you for your efforts. All in all, this game is more than worth your time and effort, if you can apply it.