Spelunky is a guilty pleasure. It isn’t the type of game that has a mindblowing story or deep skill trees and character development. Spelunky is a classic game born in modern times, and it easily shows how much fun something so simple can truly be. Released on December 28, 2008, Spelunky puts you in control of an unnamed explorer known only as The Spelunker. You guide The Spelunker down a system of underground tunnels, collecting presious loot while trying your hardest to avoid being caught in a trap or killed by one of the multiple enemy types.


Every playthrough is procedurally generated, ensuring that you have a completely different experience every time you play. The other feature widely regarded is the fact that this game has permadeath. Because of this combination, anything you wish you could have gotten from the patch of dirt you missed because you died is now gone forever, so be careful with your life. Of course there are ways to negate it somewhat, but permadeath always looms over you.


Spelunky is such a simple game that it almost feels out of place in the modern era, and that’s a good thing. It’s always nice to see a return to the good old days when games were about being fun and difficult instead of just being there to look pretty. Its a nostalgia trip that I’ll be happy to return to over and over again for the foreseeable future and beyond.