Space, the final frontier, is too small a space to contain my excitement for this game. This magnificent game is one of the sole reasons I got into indie games in the first place. Never before have I ever seen such attention to detail and critical thinking skills than FTL, or “Faster Than Light” if you were wondering, is the single most enjoyable indie game I have played in honestly my entire life. Released on September 14, 2012, FTL puts you in command of a spaceship and its crew as you try to navigate through space while running away from the looming rebellion threat coming from the west of the galaxy.


By manipulating the flow of energy throughout your ship carefully to provide power to multiple systems such as a shield, weapons, and crew necessities, you will come across numerous roadblocks on your way to the next sector. The game works as a micromanagement machine and continually ramps up the difficulty at a staggering pace. You will start at a point on the map, waiting to recharge your FTL drive to warp to the next point. While you wait for it to charge, shops can fly by, rebels can catch up, rogue allies can trade weapons or add crewmates to your team and rouge enemies can give you hell in a hand basket quicker than you can say Burst Laser.


The battles take place as timing based turf wars. Manage your energy to charge an Artemis rocket, target it at their shield core, send full power to your shields, send crew out to repair in-hull damages while charging your burst laser and fire full throttle at their oxygen supply so they can slowly choke to death and drift off into the distance after their ship has been split into three pieces. It’s that kind of customizable gameplay that brings me back every time, added onto that the fact that the game is procedurally generated, so it never gets old. Having the creative freedom to explore how i want to manage my ship systems to further propel myself further through space is so addictive and rewarding when you can finally get past it’s gut wrenching difficulty. I will never stop playing this game.